Be happy By............?????

November 3, 2009 5:32pm CST
Is Earn Money is only thing thats make us happy? Or some other things are considerable?
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
5 Nov 09
Having good health makes me happy and I like it when I have good luck. I enjoy some free activities in life like taking my dogs for a coastal or countryside walk. I get joy from seeing them race up and down the sand dunes. I like cycling along a scenic track like the Viking Coast Trail. I enjoy reading books that I have borrowed from my local library. I know that money doesn't make people happy. A severe lack of money can make people miserable. Some extremely rich people in this world are miserable. Poorer people know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like watching a sunset. They place much value on the family. They might appreciate sunny days and cool nights.
• United States
4 Nov 09
i would say that because of the way society is today it is somewhat necessary to have money today to keep ones livelihood and happiness but large amounts of money are by no means required. the thing that makes me happiest is to get up in the morning and make my little boy smile i know that sounds really cheesy but its true. also hanging out here on mylot talking to people i most likely will never know outside of mylot makes me happy and except the cost of keeping the internet on its completely free and fun :)