Adding banner

@sulsisels (1685)
United States
November 3, 2009 11:22pm CST
Can anyone tell me how to add a banner to my proflie..I would appreciate any help out there..Thanks in advance J
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@bunnybon7 (37904)
• Holiday, Florida
5 Nov 09
glad you asked this and someone answered. i found it informative. i also wanted to ask at times but figured everyone might think it was a dumb question. now i see im not the only one couldnt figure it out and theres a little trick to it.
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@sulsisels (1685)
• United States
6 Nov 09
Bunnybon,,First of all, no question is ever stupid..Don't not ask something because you are afraid what others may think..We would never learn anything if we didn't ask questions and people here are almost always happy to help, at least thats what I have found..As far as adding the banner, I'm obviously doing something wrong because I have tried several times and am following instructions exactly I think and the banner is still not appering. I just asked the kind person who helped me to help me again so maybe you can gain from this as well..I dont understand why its not working..J