Lets Check Which Fear You Have

November 4, 2009 1:29am CST
Fear of marriage ----- gamophobia Fear of animals ----- zoophobia Fear of cats ----- ailurophobia Fear of men ----- androphobia Fear of women ----- gynaephobia Fear of new things or ideas ----- cenophobia or centophobia Fear of many things ----- polyphobia Fear of memories ----- mnemophobia Fear of dogs ----- cynophobia Fear of ants ----- Pmyrmecophobia Fear of mice ----- musophobia Fear of attack ----- scelerophobia Fear of mirrors ----- catoptrophobia Fear of motor vehicles ----- motophobia Fear of music ----- musicophobia Fear of dancing ----- chorophobia Fear of books ----- bibliophobia Fear of numbers ----- arithmophobia Fear of number 13 ----- triskaidekaphobia Fear of buildings (high) ----- batophobi Fear of colours ----- chromophobia Fear of computers ----- computerphobia Fear of darkness ----- nyctophobia Fear of devils, evil spirits ----- demonophobia Fear of disease ----- bisiogibua Fear of school (of going to) ----- didaskaleinophobia Fear of sea ----- thalassophobia Fear of dryness ----- xerophobia Fear of electricity ----- electrophobia Fear of England, English ----- Anglophobia Fear of fear ----- phobophobia After seeing this list you may have developed a fear of words! Which is called logophobia.Or perhaps you developed a fear of a particular word or name, which is onomatophobia. Comment If You need more.
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