Did you keep up the promise you made last new year?

November 5, 2009 3:02am CST
Everyone will take some oath during new year to give up some bad habits or start any good habits. Usually we'll follow that only for few days or months and finally we even will forget all about that oath. Hope we are nearing New year ..ie only one more month to go. Suddenly i thought what oath i have taken last new year. I have taken two promises but i haven't followed that. What about you friends ? What promise did you make and are you able to keep up that ?
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• Philippines
26 Nov 09
in my case.. i always have my new year's resolution... but what you've said sometimes we forget that we had that oath... but when i realized i'm not making it happen... then i do what i can do to do it even if it's hard sometimes...
@KompitaPita (2053)
• Bulgaria
5 Nov 09
Hi there. I promise to my self to stop smoking, but I forgot it in the morning of the new year... :) I think there is no matter if it's a new year or not... if you want and can do something, than you will do it. I also promised to myself to loose some weight, but I keep eating tosters, pizza, chocolate and all this food which 'helps me' to keep that weight. :))) Another new year is comming, but I don't think so, that it will helps me to do the changes....
@samson1967 (7422)
• India
5 Nov 09
I will keep up all my promises, like buying new things for homes and dear ones, completing goals etc.. except one promise. i.e. I promise that I quit smoking and boozing, but failed to keep that promise.