Resort / Hotels I have stayed in... Would you like to share yours?

November 5, 2009 7:11pm CST
Someday I would really love to Travel... I would like to share any information or honest opinions of my experiences and some of it is really awesome. I will give you my honest opinion on any of the below if you would like to try it out for your selves... Do share yours please... Florida Hotel / Dubai The Chancery Pavilion / India - Bangalore Hotel Swagat / India - Bangalore Hotel Ramada / Srilanka - Colombo Taj Samudra / Sri Lanka - Colombo Galadari / Sri Lanka - Colombo Hotel Galaxy / Sri Lanks - Colombo Soneva Fushi Resort / Maldives Hilton Maldives Irufushi Resort & Spa / Maldives Huvafenfushi Resort / Maldives Bnayan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort / Maldives Angsana Resort and SPA Velavaru Resort / Maldives Island Hideaway / Maldives Kandooma Resort / Maldives Vilu Reef Resort / Maldives Olhuveli Island Resort / Maldives Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort / Maldives Zitahli Resorts and Spa Kuda Funafaru Resort There are few others which I have seen or visited but did not have the pleasure of actually staying so cannot comment of facilities, service etc...
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
7 Nov 09
One of the best places I have stayed is The Parrots Nest. It is a tree house in Bullet Tree Falls in Belize. I love staying an unusual accommodation. It was wonderful to stay there. It was near some interesting sights and from there I went on an exciting cave adventure. I stayed at a thatched beach hut on the Mexican Coast. It had a sandy floor and it was on a palm fringed beach. I love that sort of simplicity. That kind of rustic accommodation is worth more to me than staying in a luxury hotel. In Samoa I stayed in the fales which are traditional accommodation on Namua Island. They are open huts with thatched roofs. I felt a soft ocean breeze and heard the waves gently crashing against the shore. I stayed in a fancy hotel in Istanbul and in a beach hotel in Kenya that were five star but I prefer more rustic looking accommodation.
• Maldives
9 Nov 09
Thanks for sharing. I guess my experiences are more at luxury hotels and resorts but my soneva experience is Maldives sounds like your thing. The beaches are natural and you can hear the sound of the waves on the beach all the time. As in all Maldivian beaches the sand is pure white. The interior is all natural with thatch roofs and a rusty look. They try to preserve nature so even the air-conditioning is not electrical. The whole island is very green and thick jungle like. Its kind of an amazing place and lots people love it. Still with the preserved look the facilities are superb. Its all about simplicity with a goal for best service. I have not stayed in a over water bungalow there but heard its pretty amazing. To be honest its not my taste as its bit too much nature for me but loves the service.
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
6 Nov 09
One of the nicest places that I have ever stayed was in Myrtle Beach. It was called the Myrtle Beach Resort and it was in the county area. It was a gated community with about 8 or 9 pools, although only two were indoors. This is a great location for anyone who is considering the area because it is a lot more open than the resorts that are in the city limits. Just be careful who you rent from. Some of the condos are privately owned. You need to make sure you are renting from someone who has been in the business for a while and has more than one property, otherwise it is best to go through the agency at the front of the resort.
• Maldives
6 Nov 09
Where about is this? Some places I am dreaming are Germany, Italy, France, England, USA. I would also love to see the pyramids. Kandy / Sri Lanka. Kashmir... I hope I can afford that someday soon.. hehe Thank you
@marguicha (104168)
• Chile
6 Nov 09
Fairyprinces, Welcome to mylot and run to see the siteĀ“s rules. This is not a discusion. It is a list of hotels. Start by that and then read what other mylotters who are not newbies post. I thought (from the title) that you were going to share a vacation experience, but it is not so. Luck!
• Maldives
6 Nov 09
Hi, Sorry if I have made a mistake... I am very new here. My intention is only to share my experience if someone a genuine opinion about any of the places I have stayed in. I travel mostly due to my work so I can give a genuine picture of the place, service etc... As you can see its quite a few so far it would be difficult to describe all unless someone is really interested and most of my experiences are really good in these places. So it would be a pleasure to tell someone and give a bit of insight. Thank you for the advice and I will keep in mind.