why do student cheat during exam?

November 5, 2009 8:24pm CST
nowadays, there are lot of students refer to cheat than to study.Most of them had been stuggle in there field of because they dont have enough knowlege....
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• Philippines
6 Nov 09
Haha! I find this topic so funny because I can well relate to it. Cheating during exams existed even before. I don't know exactly whats the reason but for me, personally, I have cheated for the need to pass the subject and if I haven't studied before the exams. Of course, who wants to fail? Right? But its just so funny how exciting it is to cheat during exams when you keep it as much as you can not to be noticed. It's a funny memory for me when I look back to my school days. Some would take against this seriously, but we have different stories to tell for this thread. :-)