Do you have the same experience? lost and need help!

November 5, 2009 8:31pm CST
I am a cheerful girl aged 24 who just graduated from university. I always wanna find a boyfriend that can spent the whole life each other, but I have some strange ideas about marriage of course in others' eyes. I do not wanna have a baby. You know this order in China is impossible, because marriage means that the couple have responsbility to have a baby in Chinese people's mind. Now whether i should stick to my own idea or subject to the Chinese custom. Who can give me some advices and tips. thank you very much!!!
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@athomice (396)
• Philippines
6 Nov 09
It's your life, you should choose your own path. It would be hard because you live in a place that's full of historic ideas. You can even migrate in other countries who had a liberal way of thinking but this would even harder for you because of the values you learn in your country. And chinese people are all over the world that would give more weight. If I'm not mistaken every part of the worl has a china town. If really want to live that way, you had to be tough physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Make that your partner thinks like you do or else you relation with him will not last. The most powerful gift that God ever gave us is...FREE WILL! I hope I can help you even just a little! God Bless!
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• China
6 Nov 09
thank you very much for your advice. the first sentence is typical that you should choose your own path. this makes me wake up from my hesitation. one can not change idea easily especially the idea you think it right. thank you again!
@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
13 Nov 09
lynnzheng, It take 2 to clap and it takes 2 to tango in a relationship. Marriage as well, so I feel that both of you will need to agree with issues like this. Yet, I must really implore and ask - just what issue do you have here about having children. I know most women do not feel complete if they do not enter motherhood and yet there is another big majority where they are frustrated because their yearned status is being impaired by their physical condition. Do you dislike children? Do you find them irritating? Do you find them detrimental to marriage? I respect the fact that you have your own ideals or point of views but you need to think about it and be rational sometimes. Because when you are in a relationship there is need for consideration for the other party and you are no longer living alone on an island. Take care.