do you like avril lavigne?

November 6, 2009 5:10am CST
when i am study in college,i was attractted by avril lavigne's punk music .espesially,she sang the music about knockin on heavens door,i really be moved,because i can feel her love to god and to the third world people. In your eyes,what do you like about her? can you tell me her news recently ? can you give me some opinion about her music?
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• China
16 Dec 09
I love her music, her image, her style, her personality...everything, I think she is a successful and strong woman. She faces life courageously. Her music gave me strength during my upset days. I wish I could live a wonderful life like her, experience different side of lifes - bitter and sweet, go to many places, meet different kinds of people and still be herself. Not like me, living a boring life, work all day long to make a living, commute between home and company, day after day... She lives what I wish to live, just like a star light of my life, curing my lonely heart.
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@jhudy101 (373)
• Philippines
29 Jun 10
avril is avril. and she is indeed good in her field. i love her music her stile and her voice. i like her songs. the old one like complicated until now with one of the most recent that is alice. she is still the great avril in a new or old style.
@stand87 (667)
• Bulgaria
11 Jan 10
Bob Dylan's cover "Knocking on Heaven's door" was very good choice. The result was great! This also helped her career to grow. I like Avril's style of image and music. She's like a young rebel who don't cares about rules. There is something oldschool living in her, of course, in a combination with modern waves. Her music is not something so valuable because it sounds like composed with a commercial purpose only. I mean, the sound and the arrangement. But most of the ideas are not bad at all. I have some favorite songs.
• China
3 Dec 09
To tell the truth,I love avril lavigne more than any other singers ,not only her beautiful face,but also her wonderful voice ,i think she was born for music,music give her what she want ,thanks for her,our life is full of melody,i love you ,avril lavigne!!!!!!!!!1
@dicefame (114)
• Philippines
23 Nov 09
i used to like her.. but when she got married, i dont like her anymore.. coz she change her image.. she change her hair style and also the way she dress.. but i still like her music..
@loneraver (331)
7 Nov 09
I love Avril Lavigne, what first got me into her muic was the fact i was attracted to her! I havent really heard much off her new stuff im just right into her old stuff. My favourite tune is 'Why' as its a really mellow acoustic tune. i would say her music is like a cross between emo and bubble gum rock ish?! Some of her music really makes me feel good about myself
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
6 Nov 09
I used to think she was unique when her first album came out. After all, there werent any mainstream young female musicians who could skateboard and sing loud, angry music. When her other albums came out, I thought her music and creativity had been altered because it's like she became bubble gum pop.