Who, here, is ready for the new Hellraiser remake!?

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November 7, 2009 2:44am CST
I'm not a big fan of the whole remake saga of horror films genre, but when I heard that hellraiser was on the slate I thought that it was awsome!!! I heard that the guys who made the movie Fiest were going to be apart of it, and Clive Barker is going to be apart of it. The director was going to be Pascal Laugier, then he got fired, or removed from the film, reseasnes unknown. Also, this is susposed to be a reboot!! Of the franchize like the Friday the 13th. Pictures of what the new PinHead will look like are floating around on line. Google them Ur selves. A rumore was running around that the guys who wrote the Feast series were going to write this one, too. Clive Barker also plans on writing part of the script, too. He originally wrote the story of Hellraiser, and directed the first one. The original story was calle Hellbound Heart. The new Hellraiser movie has been schedualed to be released for awhile. And the release date keeps getting pushed back. Original date was back in the beginning of 2009, now it's been pushed back to 2012. Really, over all, who is ready for this movie to come out? With all the new movie graphics out nowwa days?! I think the movie would be awsome!!! And on top of all that, it's supposed to be released in 3D!
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7 Nov 09
This could be really cool. Just like Candyman. With the technology today that could be, would be, one scary movie.
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17 Nov 09
Yep, like you said, the hellraiser should be awesome. And I feel the same about this film as I did about Candyman. Be I do think Hellraiser 2 was better then part 1, then after that the films just fell off.