Where's The Best Place Online to sell used CDs and LPS?

@Nero11 (317)
November 7, 2009 8:50am CST
I live in the UK and and looking to sell off my CD and record collection because it's just got too big. I have used Ebay, play.com and amazon marketplace to sell with varied degrees of success. Am I missing a trick anywhere. The US looks to have some good sites like half.com which is owned by ebay but you don't need to pay the fees and secondspin but neither can be used from the UK. Any recommendations would be very helpful. I have also used musicmagpie here whch offers small amounts of money for CDs but the process takes too long. For anyone looking to sell, from my experience, if you are happy to do it in a piecemeal way the play.com is the best. You can list up to 100 items for free without becoming a professional seller. They take quite a chunk of you're profit with a 50p closing fee, plus 10% of the final fee plus another 5% if you want to transfer the money to a bank account. If you're not in a hurray and want to shift a bulk load but don't have time for ebay, musicmagpie is good but takes ages to get paid... but they do pay up eventually. CDs have to be in good condition and if your collection is full of Robbie Williams and Dido don't expect more than about 20p per disc. If you have more diverse and unusual stuff you can get up to £3 per disc. I've sold a number of mid-price jazz compilations to them for £3 each... and I only bought them for £1 in a sale in the first place! Any other recommendations would be very helpful. Ta.
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