Do you skip your meals?

@hireshd (492)
November 7, 2009 11:04am CST
How many of you agree that skipping meals is good way to reduce weights dont you think that skipping meals would invite other problems in your body, do you think that controlling the diet is more important or skipping
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• Philippines
21 Nov 09
I don't think skipping meals is a good way to lose will make you overeat more.I would rather eat than skip a meal.skipping meal will make someone weak.skipping meals will make your body to crave because of lack of nutrients it needs.
• India
14 Nov 09
Skipping means is not effective, but have side effect, instead, one's intake can be minimised(advisable diet). Avoid raw food, oily, spicy. Keep normal exercise to keep the body fit to accept any weather, any season by the body.
@wohenfei (20)
• China
12 Nov 09
maybe,keep on diets can help us lose weight,but we must keep healthy every minutes.i love a healthy person
• Indonesia
8 Nov 09
Hi hireshd I think skip meals is bad. It will cause us to eat more portion in the next meal time. I always eat at the right time : breakfast, lunch, fruits before dinner and dinner. Better to eat regularly three times a day in medium portion than twice or once a day in big portion. It is not good for our stomach, body, and our health. Controlling the diet is more important than randomly eat something. Even if you eat small portion, I'm not sure that meal can fulfill your nutrition needs. Eat too much or too less is bad. let's we love our body by eat nutritious food regularly
• Indonesia
7 Nov 09
Hi! I stop skipping meals now because I read that skiiping meals don't make us lose weight. It makes us gain weight! Yes it's surprising. I don't believe it either at first. Here's the theory: Our body has rate of metabolism that goes faster when we have much food in our stomach to digest. When we skip meals, the rate will goes down and you'll digest your food very slowly. Hence, you won't eliminate feces (poop). Slow rate metabolism is bad for your health. It will be the result if we use to skip meals. We won't poop regularly too.
• Philippines
7 Nov 09
i dont want skipping my meal =( it would make me dizzy...their are lots of ways to reduce weights like controlling diet and exercise, skipping a meal yeah like you said would invite other body problems like ulcer. =(
• Malaysia
7 Nov 09
I think skipping meal is not very effective if it makes you so hungry later that you eat double. You might as well control your diet and eat healthier food - it's better for your body that way. I don't think that skipping will harm your body much unless in extreme cases of deprivation - but it supposedly isn't good for you anyway