November 8, 2009 9:32am CST
hello all f1 fans .. i want to hear your opinion about kimi raikkonen in f1 ?? what do you think about him ??
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• India
29 Dec 09
Kimi Raikkonen is definitely the coolest F1 racer I've seen yet. Maybe thats why they call him the 'iceman'. He's never overawed by situations as seen when he clinched the world championship in the last race of the calender in 2007. He'd probably not very popular because he's not very media savvy which is in a way good as these days everyone wants a bite of media life. I've recently read that he's leaving F1 for rally racing. A little disappointing but I feel he's taken the right decision as he seemed to have lost motivation last season.
• India
3 Dec 09
Well. I really feel pity for kimi as he is one of the very few drivers who are really talented. Its really surprising that he will not be contesting in the next years formula one season. I guess recession has played a major part not only on the cars but also on the drivers. I expected kimi to join in mercedes but it was really disappointing to see no one bidding for kimi.
• China
30 Nov 09
kimi,many people called him iceman.He not my best love year he will leave Ferrari . This year,he didn't act very well,at least,I don't think so.he may have good technology,but he lack in the car .only love can really play best
@kush20006 (515)
• India
8 Nov 09
he has got least popularity as far as world champ is concerned whereas the alonso and schumacher make big headlines along with lewis hamilton