Pet Hates

@Nero11 (317)
November 8, 2009 1:36pm CST
I read somewhere recently someone ranting about their dislike of waiters in restaurants asking if everything is OK with your food 2 minutes after it has been served to you like you've really had a chance to judge it. I couldn't agree more with this irritation and it got me thinking, what other irrational peevs do I have. I think my main pet hate would be people in the supermarket/ grocery store who wait in a queue for 5 minutes and then once their groceries are checked out by the cashier frantically scramble around in their bags looking for their purse/ wallet as if they are somehow surprised they have to pay. Why not get it ready while your groceries are safely on the conveyor-belt and your hands are free? Any other similar pet hates? Loud personal stereos in confined spaces? People eating smelly food on public transport? People signing Christmas cards from their pets?
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