When are you taking a shower?

@yyfyqb (97)
United States
November 8, 2009 7:46pm CST
Hi everyone, when and how often are you taking a shower? How many times per week? When? In the morning after waking pu or at noon, or in the evening before going to sleep? And why?
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@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
9 Nov 09
When I wake up, before going to work and when I get home from work.When I'm just being lazy in the house, I do it sometime after lunch just right before going back to sleep with my daughter. LOL!. Taking a shower refreshes me and makes me feel relaxed. During the summer, I do this more often so I wont feel so hot.
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• United States
9 Nov 09
I shower every morning because it helps me wake up. I hate not showering on a daily basis. I feel dirty when I do not shower. If I have a lot of cleaning to do around the house I will clean up first then I will shower afterwards. I shower 7 days a week.
@SouravRC (248)
• India
9 Nov 09
I take shower on every morning. It's good to get fresh before going to office. In the summer I take shower more than once because here in India it really gets hot.
@Hi5oka (63)
• Indonesia
9 Nov 09
I take a shower every morning because it refersh me and to get rid of my sleepy head.After work I also do that to get rid of my smelly sweat and to make me feel clean.Sometimes I also take a shower when the sun burn...its really refreshing.You should try to shower befare sleep too It makes your sleep better
@marguicha (103725)
• Chile
9 Nov 09
I take a shower everyday. Sometimes in the summer, I take another in the evening if I have been gardening or if I have to go out. My morning shower helps to wake me up. It´s a routine of coffee and shower. As for the extra showers, they are to refresh me if I have been doing too much work outside.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
9 Nov 09
I take a shower every morning. It makes me feel good. I am more awake and my back won't hurt as much after.