Can Love end with friendship in life..........

November 8, 2009 11:56pm CST
Is it possible that love ending with friendship.........been in love and the circumstances that have come in their lives couldn't get together. Can there love be ended with friendship.......Can they stay as good friends? Is it possible? Is there anything wrong in doing so.......Is it possible to stop loving the person.....Hope there's no wrong in loving a friend.......
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@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
if lovers already have a very strong foundation right before they became lovers then they will surely remain friends after their break up but if they haven't, chances are they'll be friends but after a long time or it could be they'll remain strangers for the rest of their lives. so sad...
• India
16 Nov 09
Yeah..........u r right...if they have good relationship and strong base before definitely they are going to remain as good friends thinking that atleast they can know good and bad in there lives instead of feeling that where he/she could have life or not...once they come to know that both of them are well settled definitely there life thinking that...what all they stay happy...and enjoy there friendship........thank u...
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
17 Nov 09
you're so much welcome... ^_^ i hope they'll remain friends
@simonelee (2718)
• China
9 Nov 09
I guess it depends on the circumstances. IF the couple separated nicely there will be no a hindrance being friends and if not it will be a war for them if they force the relationship of becoming friends. loving a person is no is either it is for friendship purpose or not. It takes time to like someone and trust or invest your emotion towards the person.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
9 Nov 09
You know love does not select who needs to love, what does the qualifications needs in order to be love. It is general that every body needs to be in love and to be love. We have the right to feel it even though we are young or old, boy or girl. We are entitle to be in love. There is nothing wrong to feel inlove with friends. A heart is the one who select to whom he gave his cupids heart. It is great that you feel in love if I'm not mistaken.