Do you believe in miracles?Believe.And a miracle may be just round the corner...

@shona264 (167)
November 9, 2009 1:39am CST
Do you believe in miracles?Rather,have you asked the universe to create a miracle for you?Like Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen par to do the unexpected,if you desire something,then the universe will set in motion. What is miracle?When something happens without your having to do anything about it,but there is desire for it ti happen.Miracles can be ordinary and extraordinary.I see it happening to people every now and then.I was in bad accident sometime back,our car was at the edge of a high bridge.But I didn't even get a scratch.For me that was a miracle,I got saved.I've seen miracles in love,diseases and careers. Look around,there is a miracle happening every second.Everytime the unexpected happens,pinch yourself.It's a miracle.Just believe,And anything can happen to you.Make miracles the theme of your dreams. Have any miracle ever happened to you? Do you believe that really miracles can happen?
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@MyzDy19 (919)
• Philippines
20 Nov 09
Yep :) I believe in miracles but above all I always believe in God who makes them ^^
• Philippines
9 Nov 09
Miracles make life interesting and mind you, each of us witness great miracles everyday. Sometimes, we just don't take the time to see it, and appreciate its existence, but it's there. Getting to wake up is the first miracle we experience each and every day of our lives. Miracles bring a great deal of happiness in our lives. All we need is to take another look, and value how amazing our Creator is.