Where to write reviews online?

@Nero11 (317)
November 9, 2009 4:42am CST
I live in the Uk and have recently joined a number of review sites to get some writing practice and earn a few extra £. I am a member of Ciao and dooyoo & also Helium and Bukisa but don't really understand how the latter 2 work. I can recommend dooyoo if in the UK (is it international?) as they pay you per review written and then per positive rating. Ciao pays you for positive ratings on certain articles too. These sites are really interesting as it really pays to write quality. When I first joined dooyoo, like many others I tried to churn out the minimum 150 words and move on. It was amazing how much criticism I got for trying to earn and not post helpful comment so I changed my ways. I now have much more fun and probably in the long run earn more money. Does anyone know of any other sites that I can post on bearing in mind I live in the UK? Thx
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