How can I save my pocket money?

November 9, 2009 5:33am CST
I am a student and do not earn but I always landup finsihing my money very fast... how can I save it???
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• Canada
21 Nov 09
Do you want to save it, or do you just want to make it last the whole week? If you just want to make it last a certain amount of days (say, a week) divide it in 7, put in it 7 different envelopes -one for each day - and stick the envelopes in the bottom of a drawer. Don't touch any except the one for that day. And, if you're really tempted, having to dig through the contents of the drawer may not stop you from digging into tomorrow's cash, but it'll give you time to think about whether you really want to spend it now and be broke tomorrow.
• China
9 Nov 09
hi,mrnischalgurung!yes,it's not easy for anyone to save money,especially for a student.there are always so many things needed to cost.but if one eager to save money,he can save some ,more or less.Do you want to buy something or to do something very much?like take a trip to somewhere and the like.then you can regard it as your goal,and start to save your porket money for it.when you finally save enough money to buy it or to do it,you can get it as a reward.nice,isn't it?have a good day!