Did I just got scammed By Helium ?

November 9, 2009 8:19am CST
Hello there. Yesterday when I tried to log into my helium account, I got a message saying that its closed. I opened my E-mail, and what to see. Helium send me an e-mail that my articles paragraphs are similar to another article in another website, and that I plagiarized copyright from another person O_O. WHAT THE HELL. I made almost 10 dollars there, and what? I wrote that article all by my self. I live in Bulgaria, and we are here in an Epidemic from the Swine Flu. Everything is on the NEWS and I WATCH THEM. I wrote my articles from the NEWS, and translated with my words from them and the news paper, and wrote it with my freakin' words. And for what, to be Scammed by those ungreatful dudes. They just closed my account with the words (We are very sorry) and all my hard work goes to the trash, and all the money I make goes to their pockets. I say stay away from HELIUM. Go into Dooyoo or another community which is much more friendlier, and does not threat their clients like that. And yeah, For some articles I wrote, I got like 1 cent. Who gives you ONE CENT for a 500 Word articles with no grammar mistakes. Helium are CRIMINALS! CRIMINALS!
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
9 Nov 09
If you can write an article that is so close to another that it was called plagarism perhaps you need to start checking your articles using a search engine to see if you find similiar articles so that won't happen. These places that accept writing from money don't mess around. I think saying they are criminals is just an anger statement and many would say you don't know what you are talking about.
• Bulgaria
9 Nov 09
Yes it is an Anger statement. I did not plagarise anything! for gods sake...
@WapNike (22)
• Lithuania
9 Nov 09
Wow! you are really unlucky... Better start earning on mylot. Damn.. If I were you, I would get him and hit him with my skateboard!!!