how to do the responses as much as you can within one day?

November 9, 2009 8:53am CST
hi all mylotters, actually i am very curious about how u all can write the response so fast and so much within one day. like me, my maximum of replying is about 30. how to increase my reply speed and earn more and more. anyone mind to share ur all experience with me? thank lots for providing skill suggestion. ^^ all the best
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9 Nov 09
Learn to touch type(that means to type without looking at the keys). you can type a lot faster if you are not constantly searching for a letter on your keyboard.
@thokius (426)
• Austria
9 Nov 09
Hello smallcloud, Interesting topic indeed. It depends on a lot of factors like speed of typing, free time, speed of reading etc. I could do a maximum of 100 posts per day but I would have an awful headache after that. If you want to right replies fast try practising your typing, for example I can right without even looking at the keyboard. And if your in a real hurry just try to answer anything you come across. I hope I was of help. Cheers! Thok