recycling can be fun! lol!

@Maggiepie (7821)
United States
November 9, 2009 9:18am CST
[b]While surfing World Net Daily, a usually politically-saturated site, I stumbled across the following: I hope that will work. It's about a Chinese man who makes incredibly nice kites from used plastic bags! I'm no greenie, by anyone's measure, but I grew up on a farm where absolutely nothing went to waste. Thus it is that I abhor waste, & recycle what I can. More power to this entrepreneur! Maggiepie "IMPEACH THE IMPOSTER!"[/b]
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@bunnybon7 (37157)
• Holiday, Florida
10 Nov 09
yes im afraid that my recycleing things has made me hard to live with also. it seems i hate to throw absolutely anything away these days. the economy is so bad and people around me just cant seem to get it. the one thing my son is worried over tho is food. he wont let me throw anything away unless he says. any thing else is clutter to him tho.
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@Maggiepie (7821)
• United States
11 Nov 09
[b]I'm confused--why do you & Blackbriar both think frugality & recycling make you "hard to live with?" Do principles bother your acquaintances & family? How very odd! My Mom was Mrs. Thrifty, herself, & was especially pleased with herself whenever she managed to find a way to save money or goods, particularly if it was achieved in some clever or useful way, such as the kite-maker's method. Try to think of what you do as a worthy thing, & if someone you know objects, just give them a look of tolerant puzzlement, as if to say, "And you think this is a Bad Thing how, exactly?" Cease this quavering at once, ladies; be proud of your dedication & ingenuity! Maggiepie IMPEACH THE IMPOSTER![/b]
@blackbriar (9080)
• United States
9 Nov 09
Thanks for sharing this, Maggie. Another way to reuse those annoying plastic bags. Thank god I acquired my own reusable shopping bags. If I really do need some, I just go 'shopping' over at my neighbor's. lol I'm the same way, Maggie. Could be why I'm so hard to live with? lol I recycle much as I can but I will burn what little I can't. It's a toss up here on what will harm the environment less..burning or burying.
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@jb78000 (15173)
22 Nov 09
well most of my trash gets recycled although i not in a particularly well off area (where sometimes there are separate bins) so have to lug most of it to the nearest recycling centre. not great fun, although the local neds play there and regularly appear to derive great amusment from setting fire to the paper bank.