Do you like your gender?

November 9, 2009 9:31am CST
I mean do you like your gender? if so, why? if not so, why? Please reply...
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
31 May 10
Hi, rajesh_dawat. Yes, I love my gender. I could not imagine myself being changed into a man. I am happy and content with the way that I am.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
5 May 10
I have nothing against of being a woman, oh well it so fun to be a woman but I'd really prefer to be a man because I can also see the advantages like I can pea everywhere whenever I feel it, I will not be the one who will bring a kid inside my tummy, I cannot be that too conscious in terms of my physical appearances and lastly I can still hold my surname. I am so proud of my surname because it is unique and not common to hear it.
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Feb 10
I prefer being a man because my father wanted to have a son so badly.
@rosepedal64 (4192)
• United States
9 Nov 09
I am a full blown female. I have never regreted being a female. It has a lot advantages. For one I can get Hubby under my spell with the tears and dropped eyes and all that stuff...LOL.. Very cute discussion. Have a great day and keep smiling.