FOX Wants What???

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November 9, 2009 1:45pm CST
So it was probably a little over a month ago, but rumor has it that FOX was looking for writers to come up with a new western themed sci-fi show, stating that it could be the next big theme in the genre. Maybe FOX forgot about a little show that they screwed into the ground called FIREFLY. I guess the big question here is, would you watch another FOX sci-fi show? Over the last couple of years a few have made it through two seasons (Fringe, SCC, Dark Angel) but for the most part it's a one season and gone thing; Our beloved Firefly didn't even make it the full season.
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13 Jul 11
If this is actually what is discussed at Fox it is so ironic. They never see the potential in shows like Firefly (and Serenity, the sequel that could!) Since I gave up watching TV years ago, I can't really answer your question. However, we watch TV shows, mainly science fiction, on DVD in their entirety. This is how we discovered Firefly, after seeing Serenity. So, if they came up with another good science fiction show I probably would watch it, but after it came out on DVD. So one would hope it would be season by season, instead of "The complete series" as so many are in one package!
@Rysonia (310)
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27 May 10
I won't watch Fox anymore. They have managed to kill off several perfectly good shows that I was enjoying and apparently my viewership didn't mean anything to them. They could at least have had the courtesy to turn the series' over to other Networks.
@Jaluke (677)
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21 May 10
I would be furious if they did this considering they had that in Firefly. Not only that, but they just recently screwed over one of the best shows they ever had by putting Dollhouse at 9pm on Friday nights when its target audience is not at home.