why love will hurt people

November 10, 2009 7:00am CST
Love is a good thing in the world, but sometimes love will hurt each other. I hope love won't hurt me agian.
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@xannebull (1806)
• Philippines
13 Nov 09
love is the greatest feeling that people have. if one is in love, she/he thinks he/she is the happiest person in the whole world, but if the person whom she's in love with betrays her/him, then that would hurt her so much.
• China
11 Nov 09
hello bettydeng5: Love is nothing,nothing is love..... Buddha said:form itself is emptiness,emptiness itself is form
• Australia
10 Nov 09
Hi bettydeng According to me love never hurts,its only the more expectation or the more belief hurts as lot.
@unique16 (1531)
• United States
10 Nov 09
Hello Bettydeng5, Boy do I hear you on that one. I am still getting my ex boyfriend. It is not easy especailly with holidays coming around. I am over the crying stage and hit my anger stage and now it happens once in while. I let come forth so I can get over it quicker. I know in the long wrong it is better to left him go. He was very very selfish as a person. There has to be someone better for us out there. I still always hope to get married again. I know I am in my 40's and getting married let alone fine someone good for me is a long shot. Most guys by now do not want ever to get marries because of previous wives and them out finiancilly or the children will not allow another person in there life. I hope to hear from you on quest to fined another love. Just give yourself time to heal. Thanks and have a great day Sincerely unique16
@kush20006 (515)
• India
10 Nov 09
excess of everything is bad when you love someone too much then you become overpossesive about that person so you dont want that person to talk to anybody you start curtailing his/her freedom this leads to decreement in the feelings of the person so the person reduces sharing things as you may bar any one of them in this way love hurts