Should I will be a sell manager or an engineer of my company?

November 10, 2009 8:12am CST
I am an engineer of my company for three years and I do good in my job.And I am approved by the leadership. But nowadays my leader ask me if i like to be a sell manager.I think I am qualified to be a technician,but a technician can't earn more money and less opportunity to promote.A sell manager have more opportunity to promote and earn more money than a technician.And the selling can temper a man's ability and can have more social connections. But a technician also have more advantages.I can have more time with my wife.After some years when we have a baby,I can have more time to play with him or her.The family is important to me as well as my job.My friends,if you have these things,how do you choose from that?Be a sellman or a technician?
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• Thailand
11 Nov 09
Dear oeguanghui, why do you want to be a salesperson ? I'm sure that in terms of people looking at your reputation, a technician is a much much better prospect. Especially when you become a specialist of something while as a salesperson, you need to sell items in which I dont' consider it fun. I won't ever trade my position of a technician to start as a salesperson even though it might earn you a bit more money.
• China
11 Nov 09
HI,redthaidevil thank you for your good answer.Now,I haven't become a salemanager.I have sometime to and Fulltank give your opinion about my job choice.Thank you .At last,I will choose one of the technician and the salesperson.These days,I will think about it.If I have the answer,I will tell you. And hope other people talk about it.
@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
10 Nov 09
The purpose of you having a job is for you to be able to raise your family well. To have better future for them. If you think that you can provide this things from simply being a technician (or an engineer)in your company, then stay on your current position. But if not then, you have to decide if being a salesperson would lift-up your standard of living and provide a better future for your family. you also have to balance working hours and family. For me, I would go for the promotion, everything can be arranged and adjust to give you enough time for your family.
• China
11 Nov 09
HI,Fulltank thank you for your suggestion.I agree with what you said.The time with my family is adapted.If we love family ,we will do the best to balance it.the promotion is important to a man. I will think about it.thank you.