which one is better-joint family or nuclear family?

November 10, 2009 10:24am CST
the modern era has witnessed breaking down of several joint families into nuclear families...but what are its benefits..is there is demerits of nuclear family..what do you like?
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@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 09
I myself is a fan of nuclear family. I don't see anything bad of joint-family but I am a kind of person who would like a peaceful individualistic and private life. As you know, the more people living under the same roof, the more problems would come after certain ages, maybe because of the different lifestyle, or life principal, or maybe because of the generation gaps. I love my family, and I love my parents, but it doesn't mean I have to live with them under the same roof. i could come to my parent's house as often as I like, but we could set a bolder boundaries between MY family and MY PARENT's family. I think that is better for me.
• India
11 Nov 09
you should know that unity is strength..joint families are better from my point of view...
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
10 Nov 09
I don't think that the labels really matter. You can be a nuclear/joint family and have either good or bad experiences in being in a family like that. It's more of the quality of the relationships and how close everyone is to one another that matters. Labels are just labels.