Caring for mobile phone batteries

November 10, 2009 11:24am CST
I have a problem with mobile phone batteries, cell phone batteries always I became fat. Like what if a way to keep long-lasting batteries mobile phone use. I always fill each battery was discharged, whether at the time of charging batteries, mobile phones must be turned off, because I always turn it on when I fill out my mobile phone batteries. Probably from friends there who have tips for caring for the battery to handphoe've not damaged. please in sharing here, I need your share of all. Happy myLot
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@repzkoopz (1895)
• Philippines
10 Nov 09
how long have you been using your batteries before they start bloating? coz if its bloating after a few months, then its probably your cellphone unit that has a problem.. most probably shorted terminals or ICs. as far as i'm concerned, you're doing the right thing with your batteries. so you might want to check other possibilities.
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@mirali110 (436)
• Hyderabad, India
15 Nov 09
Hi there deniblue, First of all do not switch off your mobile when charging and secondly charge for an hour or two do not keep it on charge and forget it. So whenever you have to check the battery (has been charged) remove the pin from the bottom of the phone and re-plug the same the mobile if charged fully will give a signal that the battery is full so you can remove it. Do not keep the mobile on charge when there is now power the moment there is no power remove the pin from the mobile, because your battery will get discharged as fast as it got charged up when the pin is plugged in your mobile and there is no power so you have to check that out too, for a fruitful longer battery life. Last but not the least never keep your mobile near your ear when there is an incoming call always remove the pin talk and re-plug it back if the battery is too low and if the call is important then you can put it on loudspeaker and keep it away from your ear so you can hear and talk and always use your left ear to speak to avoid radiation the right side of the ear there is a gland that causes tumor due to radiation...Hope this helps...happy mylotting...