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November 10, 2009 10:38pm CST
[b]I hear this mistake all the time, & worse, not just from regular folks, but newscasters & politicians, who are supposed to know better! It's a corollary, perhaps, of the mistaken notion that the US is a democracy. It's not. We are a democratic republic. There are important differences! You see, these are important concepts, & they're being blurred or lost, & even perverted, especially by Democrats, who want to claim they are Democratic, but are not (& haven't been for a very long time). In a democratic republic, there is a democratically-held vote which elects representatives, who, even though they are a minority in numbers, get to run things at the behest of their constituency. That way, even if your views aren't in the majority, if you can get your representatives to see the justice of your cause, he or she may choose to allow your opinions/causes to become law, should they be seen to be for the overall benefit of the country. Thus, even if an ugly institution such as, say, slavery, is popular with the majority, representatives may take petitions of the minority & advance them, & abolish it. (Had there not been a war to interrupt the process at the time, this was in the works to occur, by the way) In a democracy, if you have 10 people, & 3 of them are opposed to something, the other 7 can overrule them. Sounds fair, right? But what if the 3 dissenters were women, & the rest were rapist men? Still like a democratic system better than a democratic republic? Besides not being the Democratic Party for linguistic reasons, they have become more & more a totalitarian machine, ignoring the Constitution, not representing voters at all. Witness their raw, arrogant treatment of the majority of citizens who reject their "health care bill." Or that same majority who want border control? Or to support the troops in Afghanistan...or who don't buy into global warming or the cap & tax game, or...or any number of other unpopular items Democrats are pushing hard. Nope. They may be many things (ah, diversity...), but "democratic" isn't among them. Maggiepie IMPEACH THE IMPOSTER![/b]
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11 Nov 09
Thank you for your interesting explanation. I must admit I am one of those folks who have used the word incorrectly.