Definitely God exists

November 11, 2009 6:37am CST
Definitely God exists. Surely he exists. Cetainly he exists. If u want prof, look at the world aroung you. Without a creator. How the universe? Is a computer without a technician? God s glorious and great. He is thw infinite wisdom. Surely he is the most glorious.
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• India
12 Nov 09
that which exists, will cease to exist. the god you claim to exist is bound in time, that is why he exists and ceased to exist now. your comparison is just silly, again with destructible matter. for you god is matter. that is why he exist. only matter can exist and cease to exist.
• India
11 Nov 09
I do agree that God exist but not that he is omnipotent or the creator of the world. What i believe, God exist in our belief, in our thoughts. Basically God lies in our deeds, which provides us the way and direction in life to move ahead.
@free_man (7337)
• United States
11 Nov 09
Hello Terrible and welcome to my lot. Thanks I see God in everything I see daily. I think that some people don't know how to open their eyes and see Gods blessings daily. Thank you for this it is always nice to know there are other Christians on this site. Have a great day and hope and pray God blesses you this day and everyday.