mamas boy!

November 11, 2009 8:47am CST
they say I'm a mamas boy. but it just happen that I'm the son of one of the best mom in the whole world...
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@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
12 Nov 09
There is nothing wrong with being a mamas boy. I would love my daughter to marry a mamas boy. When a man has a great relationship with their mother like you sound like you do they know how to treat a women. So you keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about anyone else and their thoughts.
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
i agree,there is nothing wrong being like that if only you have a good relationship with your mother(referring to the boy),but unfortunately,i think those guys are one in a million,mostly those guys who are mamas boys tend to always find their mothers more perfect than of their girlfriend or wife.they cant say NO to their mothers and they always compared whatever things that their mothers do than that of their lover.I encounter such problem now,i really have a mamas boy husband that almost leads us to file for annulment..I have read one article,suing his husband in court because of his being a mamas boy and found out through a psychiatrist that being a mamas boy is an incurable illness but can be avoided only if a guy knows whose to priorities esp if he is married.Im still hoping the best for our marriage,i hope that soon he can realize this priorities in life,theirs nothings wrong being a mamas boy if you know how to handle it.Never treat your wife as you mother because they're really are different!
@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
18 Aug 12
Its good for you that you are proud to be a mamas boy and there is nothing wrong on being a mamas boy. Our mom loves us so much so it is okay for us to show our love to them. All of us love our mom, but maybe there are just some others people that is not showy and shy to be called mamas boy. A mom to have a mamas boy son is a very lucky mom and i believe that a girl who have a mamas boy partner is a lucky girl also.
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
hi theo! I think that's fine and who can blame you for having a great mom!...As long as you're doing your part to be a great son there is nothing wrong to be a so called "mama's boy". Maybe they are just teasing you...for you have a wonderful relationship with your mother. Happy Lotting!
• United States
12 Nov 09
NOTHING wrong with being close with your mom! I have a husband who respects his mother, I have a husband who respects me and is a great dad. ;) I have 2 boys who are 'mama's boys' and they are great kids. :)
@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 09
Well, I think you can just ignore what others said, what's wrong with being closed with our mothers? I guess your mom will be really happy and proud when she read what you wrote here. I really think we should love our mothers, as she's the one who brought us to the world.
@angelsmummy (1700)
11 Nov 09
Awww thats real sweet but I beg to differ and hopefully one day my daughters will beg to differ too!!