how to manage difficult behavior in autism?

@Craicha (801)
November 11, 2009 9:00am CST
I have attempted to answer these questions, but make your own judgments, for I am not an "expert", just trying to share what works for me in hopes that it will work for many. And these is what i answered: Open your mind to a brand new world. Imagine a world where people can learn without stress and anxiety. Where we don't focus on the mind's ability to remember things best through trauma,Forget punishment and I'm not saying if a kid breaks your arm he should walk free. If you must punish, if the behavior warrants negative intervention, make it small. Make it fit the crime. In autism however, make ANY punishment fit the crime of..say...swearing. Not the end of the world, but a lesson that needs to be learned. Include rewards in routine and special rewards for going above and beyond like work rewards into the child's daily schedule. Make sure, no matter how bad they are, that they get some sort of positive reinforcement that is predictable and consistent. If you've got a real mess of a kid, make rewards very frequent and make sure to visually, verbally, and if possible, kinesthetically make that person understand that no matter what their behavior there will be some happiness in today's intervention.
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