If You Were Homeless What Would You Do To Survive?

November 11, 2009 9:03am CST
Suppose you had no friends or family to turn to. What would you do if you were homeless and needed to survive? For me, I think I would move to a warmer climate, start collecting the recyclable bottles and cleaning up myself at the local McDonalds. I would go to the library everyday and use the Internet so that I could still make money online. I always wondered how much money people make begging on the street. I think I would do better sticking to Mylot and other money making sites.
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• United States
11 Nov 09
I think I would be more into church and findng help to get back on my feet and get off the streets. To survive cardboard is great for warmth and in jail would give you food and roof over your head. many options depends , some choose to be or not to be. I would do all I could to keep on going and never give up even if I had to sleep in junk yard...eat out of dumpsters near resturants. etc.
• Canada
11 Nov 09
Yeah I hear ya! It makes me wonder sometimes how people get so low that they cannot find their way back. I am sure some of these people are not mentally ill or addicted to something. There has to be another type of conditioning that is preventing them from making some efforts to rise up again.
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
11 Nov 09
I'd likely do the same things that you suggested. I'd seek refuge in a local church shelter which is the easy part and then I'd look for ways to make money through recycling and other things. If I had access to a computer I'd be sticking to mylot as well.