what is test tube baby

November 11, 2009 10:22pm CST
hi dear friends what is test tube baby and how is it possible please help me to get more details about that thank you
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
13 Nov 09
A hospital can collect a man's sperm take a woman's egg. Then they try to get the egg fertilized in a test tube. Next they put the fertilized egg back into the lady. If her pregnancy sticks she will hopefully have a baby, twins or even triplets. I know a lady that was pregnant at the same time I was pregnant with my second son. She had six sons and desperately wanted to have a daughter. Then she had a seventh son. She went to Turkey to get pregnant with a girl. She had a test tube pregnancy and amazingly had triplet girls.
@minx267 (14650)
• Hartford, Connecticut
12 Nov 09
A Test Tube baby is a child that is created using artificial insemination. The Egg is fertilized outside the womb by the sperm and then transferred back into the womb to mature.
@mohan89 (242)
• India
12 Nov 09
hey dude... I don't have particular idea about test tube babies. But what i think is the reproduction species taken from both male and females put in a test tube creates atmosphere like mothers womb around test tube till 9 months. I hope so i'm not so confirmed.