Why Children Bite their Nails?

@rosey19 (952)
November 12, 2009 2:38am CST
I've been observing children even adults biting their nails. Is that a habit or are there something behind or reasons why they are doing like that. I have a 4 year old son, he used to bite his nails which i don't like to see him doing it. First, his hands might be dirty, second, he might swallow the nails, third, it's not good to look at a child or adult biting nails. If I told to stop biting his nails he will just cry, how can I stop him biting his nails.
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@jugsjugs (13044)
12 Nov 09
There is something that you can buy to put on finger nails to stop people from biting them,i think you can get it from a chemist shop.I have always bitten my nails from a young age and now that i am 38 i still do it.The only time i did not bite my nails was when i put fake nails over them and that is when i could not get to bite them,i know you can not do that for a child.
@rosey19 (952)
• Philippines
13 Nov 09
Oh really! there is that fake nails? But I think it is not applicable for children maybe for adult like what you're doing. I hope my son will listen to my explanations for not biting his nails anymore. Have a nice day!
• Philippines
5 Nov 12
When I was younger, I use to bite my nails too and up until now, i still do whenever Im nervous or when Im stressed out. Well, back then, i do so because of the same reason. Well, to add to it, i bite my nails when im scared or when im scolded. My mom put clear nail polish on my nails so I'd stop and it really helped! Well, im a girl so that's no big deal. Im just not sure if you're cool with doing that to your son.