are anybody here learning French?do you think it easy? how do you learn it?

November 12, 2009 9:20am CST
i have learned French for about three months. i find it is really similar to English in vocabulary but with possibly more difficult grammar. what do you think about it?Do you have some good idea about learning French. For example,do you often go certain websites for French learning?
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@bwindsor (25)
• United States
12 Nov 09
I can make my way through Spanish and minored in German in college. I recently fell in love with a wonderful quebecois, meaning I felt obligated to learn French since he and the rest of his family are francophones. I have never done anything more difficult in my life. Yes. It is so so so so hard. However, I find it a great deal easier when I'm learning with my boyfriend. He helps and hearing it is far more helpful than reading it from a book because French has a way of pronouncing thing in NO WAY related to how it's spelled. There are a few French websites with games though that I like. My favorite at the moment is Hello-World Also, for the other languages that I've learned having a discussion partner hasn't really been a big deal. Yet, if you are learning French, it is an absolute necessity. Find someone that you can converse with and will converse back so that you can hear the language frequently.
• China
13 Nov 09
I admire you very much,I have also learned a little Spanish. I think Spanish is easier to learn at the beginning. French is beautiful and precise, I am studying very hard on it
@niara25 (148)
• United States
5 Dec 09
First, stop comparing it to English. That will confuse you more. Especially when the placement of adjectives changes the whole meaning of the sentence. When I was taking French in college, I really exposed myself to french. I listened to it a lot, while awake and in my sleep. I bought tapes, dictionaries and grammar books. Watched programs in French. You can go to websites as well. You have to really immerse yourself into it (like I did because I wanted an A, lol). Practice it often. Make it a part of you. Yes, I thought it was easy, got an A each semester.
• China
21 Nov 09
Hi mingyang,i am learning french now,i think the grammar of french is really difficult.Yeahmit it is similar to English in vocabulary,but it doesn`t speak in the same way,it`s quite different.I learn french with a teacher who from france,i think that it`s better to learn from a native speaker at the begining of studying a forgien language.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
12 Nov 09
i am trying to learn french but i find that i dont have a whole lot of time so with me it is hit and miss. i am lucky that i am in a bilingual country (french and english) so its a little easier for me because all of our packageing is in both languages.