wat fashion do u prefer?.. ^^

November 12, 2009 4:55pm CST
wat type of a person are u? what fashion do u prefer im a scene i dont knw if u knw it but its a fashion sortha like an emo but where not were more on too colorful stufss and neon colors.. and we love coloring our hair and bein weird.. im kinda amazed with ppol who dress like in cartoons the cosplayers its so cool the way they dressed the way they fix their hair and and their cool makeup and i wud love too live in japan ppol thre is like human candy who wears colorful stuffs.. and its so amazing cox japanese has a cool subculture unlike any other country.. its rli cool specialy the harajuku a palce wer ppol gather and dress like an anime and like human candy called decora..
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@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
12 Nov 09
Hmm, I prefer to look "Normal", nothing out of the ordinary so call me boring. I have enough piercings to look different so I don't think I need a screaming outfit to match my appearance. Apart from that, I accessorize so again, i don't feel the need to wear shocking colors to draw attention to myself.
• Canada
12 Nov 09
I like brighter clothing, but not neon. I like modern clothes that look fresh and new. I think it brightens my day :)