as good as can be..

November 12, 2009 9:23pm CST
i am in the prime of my life now, my mother i can see in her peak. She is sickly now, not so strong, and whether she admit or not she needs our help to sustain her needs and for medicine. i have a not so good relationship with my mother when i was growing up...either she make or does not make an effort to bridge the gap between us does not matter now. All i know is that she needs me and my other siblings as well. I am a mother myself today, more or less i understood how she feels. As much as possible i try to help, I make an extra effort to narrow the distance between us before. It does not matter now. I want to help, i try to connect, i did try to reestablish, and it feels good. I like the feeling that i can openly talk to her without being snarled at, without the anxiety of being scolded at. Now are better days i think. I am trying to be as good as can be in terms of being a daughter to my sickly mother...
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@will_win (222)
• India
28 Jul 10
I know how you feel at this moment and i think what ever you are doing just now is really good and she must be.Some of children s they even don't cares of parents during this same kind of situation .........and i think you are doing greats and you cares for her will really feel her great ,this is what they need during this kind of situation. .........take care