Tekken 6

United States
November 12, 2009 11:27pm CST
Does anyone know all of the new features added onto this game? I want to know what they are. Post please =]
2 responses
@rene12 (797)
• Philippines
14 Dec 09
New features: Six characters namely Zafina, Bob, Leo, Lars, Alisa and Miguel. Some moves from some character Bounce feature where you can add combos after you sent them flying for an air combo :D
@ET28LV (1895)
• Latvia
28 Feb 10
There are some new charters, old charters combos are changed. Some old charters now have crap attacks. But I recomended this game!
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
13 Nov 09
I ahve to ask - I've never been a big fan of this genre of games, but I'm wondering, what is the facination with alle these games? I can understand that one game could be interesting, but 6 of the same type of games? What is changes from game to game? Is it only the graphics, or is there more to it, that I just dosn't know about? Thanks :)
• United States
14 Nov 09
Thank you for the response =]. Well, I've happend to take interest in these kind of games because fighting games are what excite me the most. I enjoy playing them and competing with my friends. Well, on my basic knowledge I only know that graphics, different storylines,and a few new characters would be a change.