Best Topic/content for my Blog

@LdeL0318 (6435)
November 13, 2009 3:51am CST
I am planning to monetize my blogs. I wonder what are the best topics to discussed on which will interests a lot of people. I was supposed to write something about my online earning sites but found out it was against the policy of google adsense. So now I am out of topic and currently thinking of the best one. Can you give me some ideas? I will really appreciate it.
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@MJay101 (711)
13 Nov 09
My advice: everyone and his grandma is writing a blog at the moment, and very few people make any real money out of it. There's a real dearth of quality out there, so rather than follow the crowd and write about online earning, why not pick something that really interests you? I don't think you'll be able to keep it up for very long, unless you write about something that you have a passion for. Good luck!
@LdeL0318 (6435)
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
Thanks for that Mjay. I also thought of that. I might run out of words to say if I were to write something which interests readers rather than interests me. It might end up as nonsense talking.
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
13 Nov 09
What works for me are my hobbies and interests. I have tried niche markets that I didn't know enough about and they can become quite stressful keeping up great content. So now I just go with the things I know about. What things do you really like, it should be something you spend money on. I went with fly fishing as one of my blogs. When that started earning from I started a few more fishing blogs, I just made them slightly different. I also localized them so that I would get traffic from people looking for info about fishing in our part of the world. That works so well I started another blog on gardenng and did the same thing. I work much better, with less stress, on the blogs where I know the topic.
@LdeL0318 (6435)
• Philippines
13 Nov 09
Yah, I agree that it is always easier to write what interests you most. But can I mix the topics? I mean just blog anything that comes to mind?
• New Zealand
7 Jan 10
As noted by others, a topic of interest or potential interest, so to retain on track when blogging. Perhaps read/subscribe to blogs of interest to get ideas about what to blog about (or not blog - as their may be several blogs/sites well established). Thus a bit of research (including for relevant keywords to attract search engine visitors) may help to focus on a topic or sub topic that you can blog about...
@titan_90 (539)
• India
1 Jan 10
Your hobbies and interests is the best topic for your blog.Instead of writing about online earning (you cannot make a quality blog with that), follow what your heart and mind wants to share.Make it a niche blog (on one kind of topic).For example, my blog is about gadgets and technology.