ever got followed by a black cat?????????

November 13, 2009 4:29am CST
Strange thing happened to me years back.I went to my cousin's house and she had lots of cats at her house .But there was this male black cat for no reason started to follow me around the house.I was really freaked out.After a while i got tired and sat on a sofa and that cat satnext to me and bit my finger and left.CREEEEEEEEEPY isn't it??? All of you who have cats as pets is this kind of behaviour normal for cats????????cause i dont know i dont keep pets.
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@bubulizzz (506)
• Latvia
13 Nov 09
The cat like a child feels good people, so if he likes somebody or feel the trust to some person, then it is nothing strange that he follow him.
14 Nov 09
If it is normal then it is fine because i was really freaked out.Thanks bubulizzz