Today is Friday The 13th!

November 13, 2009 5:15am CST
Today is Friday the 13th! what do you think will happen to you and others today? did any bad things already happen to you? how did ur day go? tell us about it :D
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@kiwibee (240)
• New Zealand
13 Nov 09
Well it's gone midnight here in New Zealand, so it's the 14th already :-) And nothing bad happened for me or to me on the 13th! I think if you expect it, you might get it, so I choose NOT to be superstitious in order not to attract bad stuff!
• China
13 Nov 09
if ur not superstitious, then u should know that ur not going to attract bad luck just by thinking about it. im so confident that nothing will go wrong today that i'll kick myself if something goes wrong.