X-Ray security checks in airports around the world.

November 13, 2009 7:02am CST
In the movie "Total Recall" the present governor of California,Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger runs through a security check point corridor operating using X-Ray technology. The film was released in 1990. Today, with the worldwide growth of terrorism at an alarming rate, this technology has come forward in security checks in airports, border check points, marine port and other high security places. This technology is being currently used in countries like U.S.,Japan,Australia,Russia and Canada. Some of the countries like India have outright rejected it based on privacy and considered too offensive for passengers. Concerns have also been raised on the long term medical impacts to humans going through these devices. In Canada,the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency(CATSA) organization have completed some field trials in smaller airports and is looking to buy half a dozen more such devices to continue further assessment. There are 18 airports in U.S. using this technology. In U.K. several arrports have installed them including the Manchester. The U.S. Transportation Security Agency has been running field trials since 2007. This technology helps in decreasing the security checking time and thus is hugely time saving and also determines if weapons or other contraband is on a person without doing physical body search. THUS, SUCH TECHNOLOGY WOULD SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE SECURITY CONCERNS OF MANY GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD BUT CAN IT BE PLACED INFRONT OF THE PRIVACY AND MEDICAL HEALTH OF COMMON PEOPLE? Its for all of you common people around the world to decide .......
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• India
13 Nov 09
well every thing has two aspects..one is bad and the other is good so i think there is nothing wrong in that...you cannot compromise on national security..isn't it?? but still there should be some protocol regarding this x-ray thing..i mean like only women security officers can check other women passengers n if someone is not comfortable with such kind of checking he/she should be allowed to go through some other security checks....the moral is you should have a balance between security and privacy..you cannot compromise on either in the name of other....