reason of becoming once again addicted

November 13, 2009 12:52pm CST
I was a smocker.I used to have 8 cigrate daily . one day my frnd told me to give up the smocking.there was a condition from my friend that either i should leave her or give up smocking.I gave up smocking .my friend was very with me even i was also very happy . but after 20 days i once again started smocking. i don't know how i started smoking but there must be some reason,so if u have any answer of my reason pls respond me
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• India
15 Nov 09
This shows your commitment towards your friend. If you really thinks about her then you will never start smoking. But as you again started and asking for help. I can give you tips: Not go out with the people when they are going for smoking. think about the person whom you commited fot no smoking whenver you think about smoking. Slowly, slowly you can gave up the smoking.
@jess07 (319)
14 Nov 09
Hi, I'm a smocker too, and i can tell you i've tried more than once to stop smocking but then again I wanted to stop for ME. There was no one forcing me to stop. It takes a lot of will power if you want to stop smocking YOU have to want to stop. And you need to ask yourself a few questions to why you started smocking : DO you spend a lot of time with people who smoke ? Are you one of those really stressed people (like me lol)? Are you easily bored ? People smoke for all those reasons and I defenitly smoke for all those reasons lol