United States
November 13, 2009 6:57pm CST
Anyone here taking Lamictal for BP? If so how long have you been taking it? How much do you take? How does it make you feel? Any bad side effects? Good? Let me know! I am anxious to compare stories.
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16 Nov 09
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19 Nov 09
• United States
26 Sep 10
I take it. You have to start off really, really small though. They started me on 25 mg so I wouldn't get the rash and then upped it to 50mg and then to 100 mg. It works well, but they're going to have to add on to it because I still get mood swings, just not so badly. If the main problem in your Bipolar is depression, Lamictal is going to work wonders. But if the main problem is mania, then stay away from it because it is an anti convulsant. You would probably have to be put on Depakote or Lithium if mania is the problem, and Lamictal would be added to it.
• United States
5 Aug 10
I took it for a couple of weeks and they had to take me off it because it made me extreamly irate and I ended up getting the dreaded rash. Same thing happened with my son.