Clever or not?

@kevinll (967)
November 13, 2009 9:00pm CST
Tom went to zoo with his dad. After a while they found moneys' area. Day asked Tom, 'Do you wanna see performance of money?' Tom said,'Fine.' Tom's dad took a piece of popcorn and threw it into money's area. A money jumped into sky and catched the popcorn. Then the fell down the ground lightly and ate it. Tom's day took out another piece of popcorn and threw it into sky. The money jumped again and catched it. Tom asked day 'Why do you throw it high? YOu can put is on the ground and the monkey can pick it up.' Dad said,'My dear,if I do not throw it in the skythe monkey will not jump. It is funny and this is people play with monkey.' Behind the cage the monkey asked mummy,'Mummy,why do you jump high to catch the popcorn. You can wait for it to fall on the ground and pick up.' Old money said,'Dear, if I do not jump and catch it. They will not think it is funy. How could they throw it continuously? This is monkey play with people.' We often think we are clever. In the end who is the stupid one.
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@naimenim (45)
• Bangladesh
14 Nov 09
Both are clever- from their point of view. And both are stupid- from my point of view.