Grinding or rubbing sound when applying the brakes

United States
November 14, 2006 2:37pm CST
I am getting a very annoying grinding or rubbing sound when I apply the brakes. It does not happen all the time and it mostly happens when I am going downhill and when I am going slow. However, it does happen rarely but when I am on the flat or stopping on an uphill. No matter what, I only get it when I am using the brakes. I have had two different garages look at my brakes and they say that there is nothing wrong with them. I have had my wheel bearings looked at and on the suggestion of one of the garages, I had the tires looked at. They all turned out to be negative. I have a 2002 Saturn. I have about 65K miles on it. I am getting concerned about the safety of the vehicle especially since I have had different people look at it without them finding anything. Are you aware of anything like this that I can look into.