do people stil get married in Las Vegas all the time?

November 14, 2009 11:44am CST
yes, lots and lots of people get married in LV every year.LV remains the "marriage capital of the world", as it has often been called. seriouly, though, married couples dont need a waiting period or a blood test to get married, you sign a form with the LV official, plop down $55 and show a government-issues photo ID and you are ready to get married so do people still get married in LV all the time since it is so convenient and also romantic.
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11 Apr 10
Not only can you get married almost instantly, but you can get married without even leaving your car. There is a drive-up chapel on the strip, not the good part of the Strip but near downtown, where the minister leans out the widow and reads a service, and then the married couple drives away. Really! I've seen it. They get a white Tee shirt that says Chapel of the whatever on it. Two tee shirts, I guess. Amazing!