what do i do if i want marriage but he doesnt?

November 15, 2009 9:47am CST
from an early age, many women dream and fantasize about being married to the perfect guy, then one day that guy comes along and you think the dream will come true. but then the guy tells you that he doesnt want marriage. he may claim that he isnt ready for marriafe or he just doesnt want to talk about it. even in a good relationsihp. if you have your heart set on the marriafe but the guy that you love tells you that he doesnt want to get married then you have a problem an unwillingenss to commit to marriage can leave a devastatin hole in your relationship. it can end up being a contest of wills as you push to get him to change his mind and he resists, in the end, the issues can tear apart a perfectly good relationship. if the person were you, how are you going to do?tolerate or force?or else?
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