how can i slove my sleeping problem?

November 15, 2009 12:57pm CST
my problem is my sleeping im like a vampire i sleep when the sun is out.. at this time i just woke up i slept for about 4 hours i guess already 3am and i sleep 11pm.. its really hard for me i dont know why but shud i take medecines.. or anything can u response if u have the same problem
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@simonelee (2718)
• China
16 Nov 09
Hi, there. I have no help here because i do have the same problem. My sleeping habit is poor. I usually fell asleep early dawn and sometimes the sun is up. What I usually do is avoid sleeping in the afternoon and sometimes tire my self in able to sleep early(as early as 2am). Actually, i know some health guide for insomnia(Im just to lazy to apply it for my self). I usually thought this one to my patients. Drink warm milk at night and few hours before you go to bed have a warm bath to relaxes your mind and body. You can also put your lights in dim.
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
15 Nov 09
Chamomile tea, warm milk, soothing music before bed works. Why do you have an irregular sleeping pattern though? Because for me, I work, that's why I sleep weird hours sometimes. You're 16 - so what do you do that keeps you from sleeping regular hours?
• Pamplona, Spain
15 Nov 09
Hi maniquin, Would not start taking medicine, such as Sleeping Tablets specially the strong ones. In fact not even over the counter ones they will do no good in the end they can if fact alter your moods so this makes for less sleep if you are already tensed up. Try slowing down towards nine o´clock at night and forget about surfing the Internet really late as these things help to keep you awake. Keep any worrying things at bay shove them into a "cupboard" till tomorrow or sometime never. In other words don´t let worry overtake you at that time of night. Go to bed with the idea of going to sleep and not mull over your stress and worries. Leave all that stress stuff for when you can handle it. Try herbal infusions like Linden Flowers and Chamomile Tea take it about half an hour or an hour before you go to sleep.
@SACHIN2708 (1638)
• India
15 Nov 09
ok you mean to say you have a problem that you can sleep properly in night and due to this reason you sleep in day ? Dear what you need to do just have a good meal and in morning walk and do some exercise it will make you calm down and try to discuss express your self with your friends,family so it will help you .