Cherry Mobile P1 Review

@markmoney (2868)
November 15, 2009 9:20pm CST
cherry mobile P1 - a tiny mobile phone which you can put inside your wallet
I have bought yesterday my third phone, a small, cheap and basic one. It's the Cherry Mobile P1. Have you already seen one? It doesn't looks like a mobile phone actually, it just looks like a mini calculator or an MP3 player. It's very basic, not colored, it's just mainly use for text and call. Regardless of it's simplicity, I like this phone because it's unique and small. You can put in inside your wallet actually. I just like it very much, I always receive a compliment about it every time people see it. Lol! Another good thing about it is it will be hard to recognize by the snatchers or holdapers as a cellphone, they would thought it's just a calculator. Lol! Try and search for this mobile phone and tell us what can you say. Happy myLotting!